Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mama's playing

Do you remember the feeling of being deeply engaged in play and hectically busy trying to make all your wonderful and exciting ideas happen? - I so love watching my children play, listening to their eager voices making plans, discussing and making agreements about the roles and the plot. And the flurry of activity to make the set up, the gathering of all the stuff needed. The incredible power of fantasy involved, where things are made or remade to serve a certain purpose. Oh, I do remember that feeling. And I'm thankfully reliving it, and trying my best to incorporate that special feeling in my grown up life. There's a great word for that feeling. Fantasy, right?

The tiny glowing light bulbs that suddenly emerged in my garden, waked by the first spring like smile on the face of the sun, made me feel so exited and inspired I had to do something.

And while the children went out in search of more of the yellow bulbs, I went to my sewing basket for needle and thread ...

... and made a brooch. Playing with ideas, materials and colours. Made it all up along the way. And had a great time, being aware of and enjoying that special feeling from my childhood.

The green fabric is wool, plant dyed with common reed (phragmites australis/tagrør), underneath's a scrap of linen (from the trousers my husband wore at our wedding) and the black fabric is from an old wool cardigan. Now adorning one of my latest lucky thrift finds; a spring jacket.

Have you experienced this feeling lately? Please leave a comment and share!


  1. absolutely gorgeous, both sentiments and brooch! i am so in love with embroidery, yours came out beautiful! just today we walked the beach, i felt so alive so inspired finding smooth stones that had thin lines through them that created designs. making me dream about felting stones with similar designs...

  2. De erantisser er da bare fuldstændig fantastiske! Og deres iklædning ikke mindre, super inspirerende!

  3. Øhm, den grønne trøje, hvis er det og hvor har du den fra? Den er bare vildt fed!

  4. Å hvor er det dejligt. Jeg bliver også forårskåd og glad når de små gule sole danser, men detsværre kan jeg slet ikke broderer så fint.

  5. Therese: det er et dansk mærke der hedder H.J.O.R.T.H Copenhagen. Han har også en med isbjørne. Det kunne måske være et ønske :)

  6. I love the flowers and the brooch is gorgeous Mona. This post is so beautiful and love the fact about your children's energy inspiring you in a grown up way to play in your special way. Love it. ;)



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