Friday, January 28, 2011

The Magic of Winter

So far this winter has been quite unusual. We've had snow, and lots of snow, I think the last time we had a winter like this was when I was a little school girl. The rhythm of the year - spring, summer, autumn, winter - feels more complete and satisfying when there's actually a 'real' winter. Now that we live where we can see the horizon, we have been able to fully immerse ourselves in the 'nature' of winter.

Cold, bright and glittering days, blue sky above and white stars below.

The light of a full moon reflected from every surface of the earth in a night so quiet that you can almost hear the distant voices of the stars singing.

Or magical days where the whole world seems to be full of snow and mist, the silence is intense and you can feel the cold as a thousand tiny kisses on your cheeks.

I went for a walk a magical day like this, there were no sounds except for the crunching from underneath my boots and my own inhalations and exhalations. Earth and sky was covered with a single sheet of sparkling veil, and the trees seemed of an unearthly kind, floating above the earth. Walking, breathing, in this vastness of silence, I had an experience of becoming deeply relaxed and centered in myself. And yet I felt a connection with every sparkling snowflake around me, feeling in tune with the slow breathing of a sleeping Mother Nature.

All the glittering, beautifully intricate ice crystals are water; transformed. If you open your mind, transformation is a gift you can receive.  You know, we're all sparkling, glittering perfect beings, but mostly we need a bit of help to realise it. Let Winter whisper the magic words into your inner ear.


There is nothing in the world as quiet as snow,
when it gently descends through the air,
   muffles your steps
   hushes, gently hushes
the voices that speak too loud.

There is nothing in the world of a purity like snow's,
swan's down from the white wings of Heaven,
   On your hand a flake
   is like dew of tears,
White thoughts quietly tread in dance.

There is nothing in the world that can gentle like snow,
quietly you listen to the silent ringing.
   Oh, so fine a sound,
   peals of silver bells,
rings within your innermost heart.

Helge Rode (1896)
 Translation from Danish to English copyright © 2006 by Camilla Bugge

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  1. Exquisitely beautiful - the pictures, your words, and the poetry. Thank you!


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