Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome, 2011

Another turn of the Wheel, and a year as new and fresh as the glittering white snow that lies as far as the eye can reach. Ready for play and joy - and as rich in possibilities as the cold whiteness around us is rich in crystals! Let's take a long, slow and deep breath, all the way down to our toes, stretch our arms and embrace the year of 2011!

 That felt good, didn't it?

 And now I change topic. Just like that. We have to get on with this new year, there's so many things to do. This weekend we removed the ornaments and finery from our yule tree, and chopped it up. This tree wasn't an ordinary yule tree. No, it was actually the top of a big spruce from a windbreak nearby. A kind neighbour let us cut it down on christmas day, since we happend to be unable to go anywhere because of an old fashioned snow storm. We had great fun pulling the tree home on our sledge, hardly able to see through the whirling snow, while being pushed by a playful and somewhat inclement wind.

There's no other reason for this picture, other that to introduce you to Skatkat, also known as Monsieur Skattekat, named after the trumpet playing cat in Aristocats. We had five kittens this summer (well, one of our lady cats did) and he's the one that we couldn't part with. Don't be fooled by that innocent look, he had a very busy week climbing that tree, throwing ornaments around for our dog to chew on. They were very succesfull in raiding that tree.

Back to the chopped up tree. The very top was to thin on this tree, but the next level had a fine size, so we peeled off the soft bark. With a screw eye in the top of it, it makes a splendid hanger. It will make jewellry, silk scarfs, yarn, drying herbs and flowers - (continue the list yourself) -  look so much better!

 Last yule I used it as an advent wreath ...

 The lower part of the tree can easily transform into lovely and practical coat hooks. These were gifts from a friend. The remains of the tree is now transformed into a diversion for sheep and two small horses. Vitamins included.

I hope you feel inspired to make something useful and pretty from your tree - or your neighbours!


  1. Sikke en sød katt! Vi ville egentlig ha killinger på vores, men nu er vi ikke så sikre længere. Hun, og den bejlende hankatt udenfor, er ved at drive os til vanvid. Vi får simpelthen ikke sove af alt det skrigeri, og det hjælper ikke om hun er ude eller inde. Hun skriger lisågodt ude som inde, og de foretrækker åbenbart at holde sig tæt ved huset. Og hvordan ville de bli med huset fyldt med killinger?? Ooo, nej....

  2. Hey, det ser ud til at I får en ny nabo til sommer....

  3. Godt nytaar til dig og dine :)

    Jeg elsker dine knager!!!! Den maa jeg prove at lave!

  4. Hohoho, nu kan du undres ;)
    Njaej, jeg tænker det er en viss IJ der flytter nedover til sommer!

  5. Haha! Det var altså mig, ikke Ove - men fra Oves maskine! Therese


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