Monday, August 8, 2011

Faroese knitting

I went to an exhibition in Copenhagen featuring faroese knitting done be the late Katrina Maria Hansen and designer Jóhanna av Steinum. Katrina knitted traditional faroese garments, but she also knitted some very remarkable and artistic blankets using left over yarn.

The blankets almost looked like they were painted, made with a brush instead of knitting needles. Studying them at at close hand and then from a distance made me think of the brush strokes used by the Impressionistic painters. But in her very own and unique colour choice.
Steinum was the one discovering Katrinas work. She got inspired by Katrinas style and designed a  serie of knitting. The dresses were awesome. I need a dress like this!

The clever people behind this exhibition wisely predicted that looking at all the knitted stuff could cause an irresistable urge for a pair of knitting needles. In a corner you could sit down to knit a couple of rounds with some giant needles. Looking at the pictures now makes my fingers itch ...


If you'd like to visit the exhibition, you can find it here.


  1. Tror ikke jeg har kommenteret før, men jeg har lignende billeder liggende. Dejlig udstilling og jeg måtte også lige strikke et par rækker.

  2. Ja, fantastisk udstilling. Jeg så den på Færøerne, hvor Jóhanna av Steinum også holdt en meget god forelæsning om Katrina.
    Bloggede om det her:

  3. I love this post. the work in it is so amazing. thank you for sharing it. I love that so many scraps of yarn organized with intention can be a work of art.


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