Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tiny Treasures

We had a big surprise the other day - or rather, five small surprises. This very small - but also very determinant - hen, returned from a long absence and proudly presented these lovely tiny treasures. We had thought her eaten by the fox, a fact that didn't lessen our surprise. But oh, I understand her being so proud. Aren't they adorable? - See the little yellow rump on the guy to the right?

Another tiny treasure found by little S. He thinks »it's enormously cute«. It is, isn't it? When we took the pics, we could almost hear its tiny voice: "Here's looking at you, kid". It's a Phalera bucephala ... or is it turning into one? ... anyway, it'll become a lovely moth someday soon. In danish it's called Måneplet - which means Moon spot. It has golden spots on the wings that looks like tiny moons. We put it in the beech hedge after studying it, since it likes to eat beech and birch leaves.

And this is a little vase for tiny flower treasures. Made from a thimble that used to belong to my grandmother. It doesn't fit my finger, so I'm happy to have found a new purpose for it. I made a fitted bag and 'chain' for the thimble in crochet with embroidery yarn. In order to keep the flowers moist, I wrap a tuft of wool around the stems and splash it with a bit of water before inserting them in the thimble. It works fine as a transportable flower arrangement, except when folk dancing.


  1. oh you must have been so excited to se your LOST chicken return!!! ...and then with the most adorable babies!! that is so wonderful! She is such a pretty hen..what sort is she?

    I love your grandma's thimble necklace...precious..:) Helen

  2. Thanks Helen :)
    I'm not quite sure exactly what sort she is, but some sort of dutch dwarf. She's really small and the chickens could almost fit in the thimble ;)


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