Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This island where I live

We moved to the island Fyn about four years ago, and I must admit I sort of feel we'd moved to the Shire (you know, Tolkien). It's a small island in the middle of the State of Denmark (where there certainly is something rotten going on, I'll readily admit), looking a bit like a fat piglet with a wing, trying to nuzzle up with Jylland.

One of the positive aspects of the World Wide Web is getting connected to people you wouldn't get to know otherwise. Seeing how they live, where they live and how they choose to live their lives. Learning that often we're thinking similar thoughts and feeling much the same about a lot of things. Blogging is a part of this getting to know each other a little bit better, and I for one really like seeing how people live in other parts of the Whirled, and getting a glimpse of neighbourhoods and surroundings.
We took a trip to the tip of the piglet's 'wing' the other day, and I thought I'd share a glimpse from it with you:

I realize I have more than just a tendency to see the small things in life. 'Oh, what a wonderful view - and a harbor porpoise!' -and then I spot a pebble and get lost in the little things. Well, thats just how it is ...


  1. Og jeg er glad for du deler det med os :-)

  2. what a beautiful place to live..thanks for sharing. lynda x

  3. mona I am the same with the little things. and about being diverted :) I do love shore lines. Mine has big trees where as you have the smooth line of the hillside, and we have fine grained sand where it seems as if you have pebbles. my shore line is a rough ocean. Especially in winter and fall. Your looks like a calm sea inlet. I had to look at google earth to see more. It's the Green Belt?

    1. Hi Marchi, we went to Fyns Hoved, and walked around the upper green 'tip'. The sea is called Storebælt, which means Big Belt. The first picture is taken just around the corner from the northernmost point of Fyn. I shall try and share pictures form more of our coastlines - we do have plenty of that :)


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