Thursday, November 8, 2012

Going to the woods …

 The garden of my childhood was a forest. My father was a forester, and he and my mother went to live in a small forester's house shortly before I was born. I'm told that my pram was parked underneath the branches of an old oak when I napped as a baby, and later on the whole forest became my playground. Riding my bike or little shetland pony, or walking with dogs and cats I travelled the paths and tracks without fear. I remember one evening, while I walked in almost total darkness, the realization that I could be afraid of the dark in our house, but never were afraid of the dark in the woods.

 Those trees of my childhood shaped my imagination and kindled my unbounded love for nature. I believe that a forest has a soul, that all the beings we call trees interlaces and becomes small parts of one great and unique soul. That we can connect with this special Soul of Trees and be enriched, healed, and through it, can connect with ourselves on a deeper and wiser level.

 I still love my childhood's forest, I've buried my children's placentas there and planted a tree above them. It's where my own spiritual umbilical cord is grounded, and where I can feel truly at Home.

 Quote; John Muir 
- painted with natural dyes-


  1. Oh, Mona..this is beautiful. Although our spiritual homes of childhood are so different, they are still there. Is that not such a blessing? Mine does lie thousands of miles away from yours..each is unique and so blessed and so loved by us.
    Thank you. And as you know, this is so good for me to hear now and to be thankful for. Love!!

  2. beautiful : )
    I especially love the second photo down - I want to be there !

  3. How lovely for youto have such a childhood. I am also a forest person. :)

  4. Ja tak, jeg tar gerne et print af det der smukke billede i julegave, tak!


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