Friday, January 4, 2013


I wish you dear people a year of sheer joy, with lots of laugher and smiles.
I wish you will try something new - and love it.
I wish you will wake up each morning, being grateful for your lives.
I wish you will make new friends.
I wish you will feel - just for one moment - that everything is perfect and you could wish for nothing more.

Just before yule eve, my husband and I went for a walk in the forest where my mother lives. The oak trees coiled and twisted around us as we walked, and dragons were lying on the forest floor, ever so slowly interlacing with the deep layer of leaves. We left the paths and went deep into the woods, where time stands still, and hearts sings in the quiet.

.:With love from the woods:.


  1. oh, such a magical, spiraling forest journey, thank you!

  2. Mange tak :) Og rigtig godt nytår til dig også.

  3. Dearest Mona,
    What beauty and magic you have captured.
    And yes, I do try to wake up every morning with gratefulness in my heart....sometimes it is even in the dark of the night. Holding on to all that is good and lovely, and you are such a part of it all, truly. With much love, Ellen.


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