Tuesday, April 23, 2013

plain ol' simplicity

Making bread for your loved ones, using freshly milled flour, sourdough method, bake in the mass oven. Shearing, spinning, dyeing, knitting hats to keep them warm. Down-to-earth, simple joys!

Little S (not so little anymore) wearing his 'Buggerloo' - pattern found on Ravelry; here. Also to be found here. His way of 'asking' me to knit this for him, went like this: 'Mama, I want you to make a hat from Lyra's wool (his bunny). I will card the wool and you can spin and knit it. I expect you can have it ready in a week'. What could I do but comply?


  1. Dear Mona,
    I cannot begin to tell you how much this post of yours has helped me feel better. All of your intentions of love and goodness..your children and your exceptional gifts...these all are making a difficult time for me much better. Truly..I am fine, but my beloved brother so far away is not and I needed something to help me. Thank you..with love, Ellen.

    1. Dear Ellen, I'm sorry about your brother! It's so distressing not being able to help, hope it's going to be all right again somehow.
      Love, Mona

  2. That bread looks delicious! love the buggerloo hat (now on my 'to do' list for my little one : ) oo and the rabbits are just adorable! we've got a very hairy dog but I'm not sure his fur would make a very desirable hat!!!

    1. It's such an easy knit - just notice that the yarn used in the pattern is acrylic. The lamb/bunny wool I used made it a bit more slouchy, so I began decreasing earlier than specified in the pattern.
      Some people spin all kinds of fibres - perhaps his fur would make nice pillows?


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