Thursday, June 20, 2013

after the rain

After being held prisoner indoors all day, by cloudburst, thunder and lightning,  the quiet, warm humidity of the evening feels wonderful.


I've stitched a bit on some natural dyed  (I suppose I don't need to mention that every time, since that's all there is for me) linen, which I cut out for making a purse a while back. I have this indecision issue; deciding pattern, colours and design drives me nuts. After a while I get really annoyed with myself, and jump in - without plans or even ideas. So I ended up stitching a quote I like, and make some sort of free hand arrow like pattern. Not sure if it's going to work, but it's interesting making the plans as you go. Observing the process. Trying to quiet that voice of mine, telling me this is no good.
The log cabin square is my first attempt ever of making some sort of quilt. It really tricked my Quadratumphobia, though, so probably I won't be making thousands  like it. Maybe I could make them really crooked and lopsided and feel allright?
The last photo is from the second, out of six days, of making sour dough for baking. After only two days it is bubbling happily, alive and smelling a bit like youghurt. I believe that's the reward for using fresh milled flour, still warm from the mill. Living food.


  1. Dejlige billeder af dit liv :)

  2. Dear Mona..I absolutely love the colors in your log cabin block. I am not exaggerating.
    Your photos are beautiful as always and I just hopped on back to your post about phobias. Too funny. I don't know why I missed that post.

  3. Your blog is absolutly beautiful. A meditation for the soul. So glad I stumbled upon it today :)

  4. just stunning .... i clicked over from your other blog Tread Gently on the Earth glad I did ..


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