Monday, September 2, 2013

garden glimpses

 I was watering my dyeing plants, and admiring this bumblebee, thinking about something I read about bees:

»In many ways the bees renounce love, and thereby this love develops within the entire beehive. You'll begin to understand the life of bees once you're clear about the fact that the bee lives as if it were in an atmosphere pervaded throughly by love ... The bee, with the exception of the queen bee, is a being that would say, if I may put it this way: »As individuals we want to renounce all sexual life, so that we make each one of us into a supporter of the hive's love life«.«
 (Wisdom of the Bees, by Erik Berrevoets)

 ... when my thoughts were interrupted by a sound, which took a few seconds to interpret: the sound of a hen talking to her newly hatched chick. A bit late this hen was, but her labour is so appreciated by everybody in this household. A summer without some sort of new babies, well, it's just not quite right.

The next day there was three ...

And the day after that there was four ...
So much chick love

And fluffy bunny love

and generally just love of flowers, fruits, berries 
and abundance in this wonderful late summer's day


  1. Abundance from Mother Nature is such a blessing.
    Your photos are beautiful. I love the quote and those little chicks are just adorable.
    Happy September, dear Mona.

  2. Just beautiful : ) words and pictures.


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