Wednesday, March 26, 2014

tools and stuff

Tools; knives, knitting needles, brooms, mills, coffee grinders, ladles, bread shovels and pot makers. Good handmade tools, simple, wooden - ageing beautifully, lasts for decades. A so worth the extra price (unless your so lucky to find them used for a bargain). Oh, I love old, worn tools of any kind. Even those, I have no idea about how (or for what) to use.

I had a question about my carving knife, which I'm happy to answer.  It's made in Sweden by Svante Djärv, take a look at his site; there are tools for spoonmaking, axes, chisels and  tools for all sorts of wood working. There are even several knives in children's size.

I've been carving some beads (I think) from mirabelle wood. The variation in colours are amazing, it's quite hard, and they've got a lovely sound. I'd like to make a wind chime from mirabelle. And coffee spoons. And a ring. And ...

We've been shearing the sheep. Some of us are working, while others are mostly relaxing. Maybe I want to be a cat in my next life.

I finally found the eggs that were missing. Somebody hid them in the compost heap. One of the conspiracies are now brooding, having a very hard time to cover them all. Silly chicks.


  1. Beautiful carving Mona : ) what gorgeous colours!
    Have to confess to a bit of cat envy too : ) your cat looks so comfy : )

  2. Gud hvor er du dygtig... :-)
    Og haha, skønt med æggene... Sådan nogle skøre høns har vi også...


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