Monday, May 26, 2014


For the past weeks (a couple of months, actually), I have been working on a new vegetable garden plot whenever I had a bit of spare time. We have seized a bit of the grass field (sheep meadow) and working with the heavy clay soil; weeding and getting rid of big lumps of grass, is quite a task. Manure and compost have been worked in - but for that job our dear little Dexta has been an indispensable help. All that sowing and planting is laborous, but oh, I'm so looking forward to my reward in the summer. I'm not quite finished, but soon I will be. A bit late with everything, but I'm looking forward to next year, where it all will be a lot easier (I hope). This is a 180° view of what I have been looking at these weeks, when stretching my sore back for a while ...

And one of our new chicks, falling asleep in my daughters hand. I wanted chocolate brown eggs badly, so had to get some french Maran chickens. They have been staying in the house for the first few weeks (we're crazy!) - but now they are happily moved on to live in a little house of their own in the garden.


  1. What gorgeous light - absolutely love the second pic down, idyllic : )
    Our veggie patch is growing : ) but so are the weeds : ( need to get out there and do some manual labour!
    Looking forward to seeing some chocolate brown eggs - please post a pic as soon as you get some : ) That chick looks so cute, I'd have them inside too! x

  2. Such a beautiful sunset light!
    Happy "new year" to you!
    May it will be fillen with much inspiration and love!


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