Monday, August 10, 2009

Life & death

Yesterday I mentioned life and death as a part of our summer. This summer we have watched, learned and been in awe while young birds, lambs and chickens was being born or hatched. A couple of our lambs died, even though we made the strongest efforts to make them survive. But some also lived and grew healthy and strong. We learned, that most of the time everything goes according to Mother Natures plans, but also that we have to be careful and alert, in order to know the right time to intervene.

This little one was unable to peck its way througt the egg shell, and needed a little help …

The human placenta is sometimes compared to the Tree of Life. The egg has a little Tree of Life inside the shell. You can see whats left of it to the left in the shell.
My daughter had to pull a bit to loosen the umbilical cord.

Notice the tiny white and twisted umbilical cord, attached to the remnants of the egg yolk.

Right after this picture was taken, we put the »newborn« back under the hen, and after a couple of hours it began to unfold from its eggish form.

And here she is, about a week after the intervention, with the happy midwife.

* As mentioned yesterday, I've been thinking about reducing the time spent on blogging. I've decided to try an only english version for a while. Everyone reads english, right?
I'm perfectly aware of the fact that my english is far from being perfect, but you guys seem both tolerant and forgiving about that. And hopefully I can benefit from the exercise :)


  1. Wow I find your English to be perfect!
    How utterly amazing to see something like this birth in photos. Witnessing this in 'real' life up close I can only imagine how magical the experience! While I have not read your other post yet, I am relating to what you mentioned at the beginning of this post... I have had the same thoughts lately we do not have farm animals but we do live on 25 acres and see so much life in it. Frogs, birds, moths, that have passed away in our fields skeletal bones from deer, mice, it has given us wonderful opportunity to see these creatures up close and to study what they are made of and has given us so much to talk about with death and life! I appreciate that you mentioned this as many seem to shy away from this conversation I think it is really positive to have a healthy knowledge of the cycle of life...

  2. Jeg håber, at det er i orden, at jeg skriver til dig på dansk...

    Dejlige ord og billeder. Tak! ;-)

  3. Hvor var det godt at I fik hjulpet den lille fyr til verden.

    Det er nogle utrolig smukke billeder


  4. Kære Jeannette Mariae: endelig på dansk!!! :)

  5. Well I for one and glad you are doing an english version blog :)
    I love the amazing chick pictures. I showed them to my 3 year old daughter and now she wants to grow her own chick!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I shall be following your lovely blog now.

  6. I find these photos amazing. Thank you for sharing them.


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