Thursday, November 26, 2009


I've blogged a lot lately - in my head, that is. Somehow I haven't got the energy to blog (as in actually doing it) when the day is over and my children are asleep. I usually fall asleep myself knitting or reading a book. Even though I think it indicates an active and healthy life being soundly tired, I think that in my case it also has something to do with the lack of daylight. I think the hours where the sun actually was visible during the last month can be counted on the fingers of a single hand. So I've really tried to be aware and ready to enjoy every little beam of light coming my way.

At our waldorf kindergarten we've walked with our lanterns, a celebration to remind us that we need to carry our own inner light through the time of darkness.

So, we're trying to keep our inner lights at a full blaze, we light candles, lanterns and fires, while we're looking forward to the return of the Sun. Happy winter, everyone!


  1. Tak for dejlig tekst og skønne billeder. Jeg kan istemme mig ethvert ord.

    Du har været savnet, kære du - som lyset i mørket ;-)

  2. That first picture could easily be a poster. Very well caught!

  3. Smukke, smukke lys billeder! Stemningsfyldt :-) TAK!

  4. Fantastiske billeder af det sparsomme lys november i år har begavet os med. På den måde giver du os andre lyset. På Fejø havde vi også lanternfest indtil forrige år. Der er mange der synes at jeg skulle kaste mig over at genoptage det fremfor at holde Halloween, men altså børnene vil helst have Halloween og så er det det de får. Tilgengæld fejre vi lyset på mange andre måder hele vinteren.

  5. Love the light and shadow photos Mona! Love how you blog in your mind too. I find myself doing that a lot. Lately posting a blog has seemed more like a chore to me, not good. I have been trying to slow down and set limits so I can have the time to do an Etsy shop and do some fairs. A little money in the pockets would be nice.

    Take care, lisa


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