Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lavender pillows

I'm a last minute kind of person. And I'm not proud of it. Luckily my children (sometimes) are ahead of me, and so they have been busy making yule gifts for a while now. I thought I'd share a couple of ideas this month.

S is making personalized lavender pillows. He chooses the colors of the felt and embroidery floss himself. Then he copies the letters I have written (he's not really writing yet). Notice how he's shifting the pencil from the right hand to the left. He's both handed. I wish I was too ...

Then he's stitching away, very concentrated. Simple up and down, following the lines, back and forth - or is it forth and back. He needs help jumping from one letter to the next.

Simple up and down stitches for sewing the two sides together - if the stitches are short, there's no need to sew backwards.

Filling with dried lavender flowers. We collected some wild rose buds in the summer, and will make some with those too.

So proud and sweet! - He's having a real hard time not telling the receiver (granny) what he has made for her.


  1. Å hvor er han bare sød og koncenteret. Og gaven er da bare sød. Må jeg låne et billede og linke til dig engang i næste uge?

  2. Hvilken dejlig ide og hvilken skøn søn !

  3. Marina, det må du selvfølgelig gerne - tak :)

  4. Der findes ikke bedre gaver end dem børn har præsteret. Da mine drenge var små var deres små skatte det, jeg så allermest frem til at modtage.

    Jeg har dem alle endnu ;-)


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