Friday, December 4, 2009

Recycling: from matchbox to gift box

I made these gift boxes some weeks ago, but would like to share with you now, since they'd be great for small gifts. The idea isn't mine, I saw it in a magazine, but have forgotten which one. It was so much fun making a forest floor on the small boxes.

Perhaps it's obvious, but here is a few guidelines:

You'll need some matchboxes (and what about old cigar boxes) and some fabric scraps. I had some old cotton velour curtains (remember Rogers, Therese?)
Cut fabric and glue onto the box, except from the bottom.
Find some twigs, acorns, moss, cones, leaf skeletons, bark with lichens etc, and glue on top of the box using a glue gun. I used the moss as filling and as a make over to hide the glue, a match is a good tool to poke the moss in place.

Another piece of fabric is glued into the sides of the "drawer", I used a tuft of wool underneath to make it soft looking.

Cut a piece of cardboard, using scalloped scissors or any decorative edge scissors and glue onto the bottom. Find some vintage buttons, jewelry or pretty crystals, and you're ready to go gifting.

Remember to save those matchboxes, I'll post more ideas for recycling!


  1. These are just amazing! What a wonderful way to recycle and present something very unique.

  2. Når jeg ser, at der er indlæg fra dig, tænker jeg altid JUHUuuuuuuuu!. Jeg er vild med dine præstationer. Super dejlige billeder. Modtagerne af disse er bare så heldige.

    God lørdag, kære du ;-)

  3. Wow, det er jo småbitte magiske naturunivers du har kreeret! Jeg får lyst til at kigge nærmere og gå på opdagelse i hver enkelt.

  4. Neat idea! Beautiful little treasure boxes. :) You are so creative!

  5. Hej, Tak for kommentaren paa min blog med hensyn til plante farvning. Det var faktisk efter at jeg laeste om det paa din blog at jeg fik lyst til at prove. :)

    Jeg tror du har ret med hensyn til at gryden er aliminiun. Jeg googler lige on det er godt eller skidt. :)

  6. Kære Mona, må jeg tage dine smukke æsker med i et indlæg om tændstikæsker til gaver på Faldara?

  7. Tak for de søde kommentarer! Marina; selvfølgelig :)

  8. hold da op, sikke en god ide! jeg samler stadig de store esker, til at lave 'kommodeskuffer', men disse var virkelig smukke. og ja, jeg har stadig tons med fløjl fra rogers!


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