Sunday, December 6, 2009

A lovely sunday and some premature gift giving

Singing and lighting candles. We don't actually have a traditional advent wreath, but we like to mark the progress of time, the counting down to yule. My "wreath" is the top of last years yule tree, a felt rose and some bees wax candles. I like its simplicity.

Reading stories
. The basket is filled with all our yule related books, placed in the kitchen for quick and easy access. A lot of them is written by Astrid Lindgren - an all year favourite. We simply love the one in the front; Nissen. And in english; The Tomten.

. Crisp and spicy traditional brune kager. Um, love that scent! - I also made some of these peanut butter chocolate kiss cookies from Lisa, they were crazy good!!

Presents. And the best of all. The presents for the girls. Well, yes, a bit too early - but who could wait giving these?? Aren't they a couple of little darlings?!

Well, I'm not sure the sheep agree with me on that ...


  1. What a brilliant idea with the top of last year's tree. And it is so beautiful. And the basket in the kitchen is a great idea! We also have baskets all over, I think I'll fill one in the livingroom with our seasonal books. Thanks for sharing that idea.
    And horses as christamas presents! wauw! :)

  2. Your eye for beauty is remarkable. I love the advent calendar, the cookies (and her sweater!) and the ponies running.

  3. Sikke smukke billeder !
    De oser af stemning :-)
    Og tænk at få en hest :-)

  4. So Miri skriver. Alle billeder oser af den dejligste julestemning. Det er en super idé med bogkurven, den har jeg også altid holdt i hævd med mine børn, da de var mindre. Og så er Astrid Lindgrens unviers jo bare det bedste.

    Kærlig hilsen fra
    Jeannette Mariae ;-)

  5. Simpelt, hyggeligt og smukt.
    Nej fårene er sikkert ikke enig med dig ;-)
    Ønsker jer en dejlig december og glædelig jul.

  6. Sikken ide, med toppen af træet. Hvor er du altså opfindsom! Det er simpelthen smukt og enkelt. :-)

  7. Oh my goodness what lucky little girls to get ponies for Christmas. I better not let my girls see this post! ;)

    I love how you save the top of the yule tree and add the candles. That is such a wonderful idea and so beautiful. The cookies look delicious; so glad you like the peanut butter ones.

  8. ponnier! neeeej, hvor er i heldige! de ser meeeget små ud - er de det? og tykke :)

  9. Hvor er det skønt at læse. Og så dén adventskrans, jeg blir helt inspireret til aligevel at have bare en lillesmule pynt her.


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