Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring for real

There are so many spring signs all around; buds ready to burst, snowdrops, crocuses and winter aconites popping up everywhere, and small insects and bees emerging from cracks and crevices.

But this (unexpected) sign of spring that met our eyes when we got up yesterday morning almost beats it all.

And not only one, but two there was ... a boy and a girl - look at her white cheeks!

Unexpected indeed! - We didn't expect lambs untill easter - and we certainly didn't expect black lambs. The conclusion must be, that somebody had a romantic assignation with someone without my permission! Well, apparently they didn't feel the need to get a licence before being romantic and all.
But it's hard to be annoyed for real looking at this adorable couple.

.:: Happy spring for real, everyone! ::.


  1. Åh , tillykke !
    I Søndags var vi på bondegårds besøg og så lam i alle størrelser :-)

  2. Such sweet lambs! Your photos are lovely.

  3. oh my gosh! They are the cutest darn things!!!!! Although unexpected, I bet these cuties have you smiling from ear to ear.



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