Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Tonight at 8.30 pm (local time) people all over the world will show their support for climate action and turn out their lights for one hour. You can read more about it here.

As a child, visiting my grandmother - my mothers mother - we used to sit quietly in what she called »mørkningen« - the darkening. In the twilight we'd sit together with some needlework or knitting that didn't require light, while day turned into night. I loved that hour. The peace and quiet, but also an almost magical feeling caused by the fading light. She told me she used to sit in mørkningen with her mother, and that her mother (my tip oldemor/great great grandmother) did it as well.

I don't expect that we, by turning out the lights for an hour tonight, will have an huge impact on politicians and other people with the power to make positive changes for the benefit of the environment. But I know it can have an huge impact on my own children, making it an event in our home.
Taking this action is just a small thing to do for the love of Mother Earth. But in order to change things we need to do something - to act, to think differently about everyday things, let love guide our actions in order to protect Mother Earth.

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  1. Mørkeningen høres ut som det noen kaller "den blå timen" her i Norge. En deilig tid hvor man kan sitte og nyte stillheten i fred og ro.


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