Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Day

Our Earth Hour turned into an Earth Day. We were out all day, and had another round in our long term fight with the remnants of the hawthorn from the »the Sleeping Beauty«. We built a huge fire and made supper.

... and plant dyed some easter eggs. We placed the pot in the embers and let it stay there overnight.

Even though we were quite exhausted after a busy day outdoors, we wanted to feel how Earth Hour was like indoors as well, so we lit some candles and read a chapter of Mumitroldene/Moomin before going to bed.

This morning the girls fetched the pot, and we had a feast opening the little parcels with dyed eggs. Opening only one at the time to really savour the delight - oh so pretty they were.

We dyed these eggs with logwood (blåtræ) and placed small leaves here and there.

It's amazing how many colours there are, the dyestuff from the logwood must mix with something in the little leaves ...

This one is dyed with purple crocus flowers though. It's the chlorophyll that makes it green.
(If you click on the pictures you can se more details - and you'll also see I've got a crap camera)

If anyone would like to know how to do this, I'll be glad to make an tutorial!


  1. Yes,please make a tutorial.They look so nice,I want to make some too:D

  2. I love the way your eggs turned out. My kids are impatient and it's hard for them to wait to let the natural plant dyes work. They want instant color results! I'd love to see a tutorial, too.


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