Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tutorial: How to plant dye (easter) eggs

You'll need:

· eggs - I don't blow them out, but you could do that if you want them to hang.
· alum (alun)
· paper towel
· aluminum foil
· dyestuff: I used logwood (blåtræ), cochineal (cochenille) and turmeric (gurkemeje). You can use other dye stuffs for dyeing wool/silk.
· leaves and flower petals
· a pot to dye in


 I think the pictures almost says it all, but here it goes:

· Tear aluminum foil to appropriate size for wrapping your eggs.
· Paper towel (double or triple layer) cut in approximately the same size. Moist the towel by sprinkling a bit of water on it. It doesn't need to be soaking wet.
· Sprinkle a pinch of alum on the moist paper towel. Use a tea spoon. Do not let small children handle alum - (it isn't poisonous, it's a salt extracted from clay, but anyway).

· place your leaves and flowers on the eggs. You can also draw on the eggs with a (colourless) bee wax crayon or similar - or wrap rubber bands around the eggs.

· Carefully wrap the eggs, first in the kitchen towel. And finish off with wrapping it all securely in the aluminum foil.
· Place the eggs in a pot, cover with water. If you use blown eggs, you'll need to press them down with a plate or a small pot lid.
· Bring the water to a simmer and let it simmer for several hours. (I think 6-7 hours will do, but the longer you boil them, the longer they'll last). Blown eggs can do with a couple of hours.
· Turn off the heat and let cool.
· Enjoy unwrapping the eggs. This is so much fun and definitely the best part of it all - according to my children.
· If necessary, carefully rinse the eggs in cold water.

They won't last forever (since they aren't blown out). That's how it's supposed to be. Next year we'll make new ones.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!


  1. Meget smukt. En stor glæde at se billederne ;-)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! Beautiful!

  3. Så nydelig! Det var en flott ide :D
    (og utrolig nydelige bilder!!)
    Vårlig hilsen Ellen

  4. They are so beautiful! Perhaps I will try it with my family.


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