Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Signs II

 .:picture taken by my 12 year old daughter:.

The pictures in yesterdays post was taken a lovely day at Vesterhavet (the North Sea). True to my nature I spend my time at the beach in a kind of ackward stooping, long-winded gait, head moving from side to side (I'm sure I must look like a strange kind of long-legged bird seen from a distance).

It's a very good posture for stretching the long muscles at the back side of your thighs, and also the ideal pose for finding the desired smooth pebbles and stones.

Well, to pick up from yesterdays post, this particular day I drove home after a long and wonderful day at the beach, with a lovely little collection of silky round beach stones. The day after that I spent thrifting, and having the best of luck (in my humble opinion) finding a couple of bags with old embroidery yarn. A specific danish embroidery yarn called Almue yarn - »almue« meaning common people, villagers or rustic. It's a single threaded, mat and humble yarn in colours that looks like the ones you get from dyeing with plants.

Naturally I had to play with stones and yarn ...

No signs, no, just pure glee and utter contentment with my small finds. But then, obviously, I saw a sign. No soaring eagles or dancing beetles, but this post on a favourite blog; resurrection fern.
 And then I realised that I was given a sign. I found the stones and the yarn for a reason:

You have to give in to these signs. To let go and follow the indicated directions. Maybe it will keep leading you further on. You never know, but truly, it's an adventure. There's no stop signs, it's the »move forward-be open minded-creative-creating-enjoying« kind of signs.


  1. I think we are following similar signs :) Your stones are wonderful, and I love the text in these last two posts.

  2. Tak for kommentarerne paa min blog. Lige hvad jeg havde brug for at hore.

    Vesterhavet er saa meget mere smuk paa den danske side.

    Jeg elsker dine haeklet sten! Jeg har set dem online for og har altid beundret dem. Grunden til at jeg ville laere at haekle. Men, det er en ting jeg ikke ka finde ud af! :)

  3. my pockets always seem to be filling themselves with stones...

  4. Beautiful! What a lovely, peaceful project :)

  5. Du skal ta dig god tid, til at læse resurrection fern om du ikke har læst den før. Hun er fin!

  6. i really loved reading this post not even expecting the sweet surprise at the end


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