Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There's a special kind of signs that can have many appearances. One day it may mean nothing to you, the next it's answering a question you haven't yet asked or guiding your soul and mind into new understanding or reinvigorated inspiration.

.:A long forgotten and weather-beaten sign post in the wilderness of the woods:.

They can appear in the form of burning bushes, and flashes of lightning, or in the more subtle category; a soaring bird of prey, a cloud with a special shape, a beautiful flower found in an unexpected place, a smooth stone picked up on a walk by the beach. In music, rain, childrens laughter, a handshake, an old womans wonderful smile, in the wise words of a friend.

I've seen signs in times of changes, I've been guided, comforted, enlightened and answered. Mostly I see the signs when in contact with Mother Nature, while taking a walk in the woods or wandering along the beach.

Sometimes the signs comes in a row, little hints, one thing leading to another, untill you get the point.

You gather the threads and ends up with this neat little web in which you read the signs as clearly as mirror glass.

Then there's the signs that speaks directly to your creativity. That makes your imagination wander along new, refreshing paths.

Letting my eyes follow lines in the landscape, rolling waves, winding paths and swaying trees awakens my feeling of inspiration and creativity. And then the eye gets caught by a special thing or sight and stirs something within me. And perhaps conjuring a new idea, an idea of creation. These I call the inspirational signs.

.:To be continued - tomorrow:.


  1. Sitting here with a full day of thoughts and worry in my head and then I read this post... it's like a sign to me and I somehow feel better. Your optimism and openness is inspiring.

  2. What beautifully evocative thoughts! I, too, sat down contemplating all I need to do today, all my current worries, and dear Mona, yours was the first thing I read. Such peace, yet a sense of excitement and quiet joy. It brought me back to where I want to be. Thank you.

  3. Åh Mona, du skulle bare vidst. Jeg har haft en hel sommer med grubling over fri vilje, kosmiske sammenhænge og total meningsløshed. Det er sgu svært at være menneske, nogen gange. Jeg er glad jeg læste det her nu, hvor jeg er begyndt at se sammenhengene igen, og ikke for en mnd siden.


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