Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Chicks in Town

 Well, not so much town - but new chicks, and busy too. Really hard to get a sharp shot of their heads, they're SO fast moving! - But look at this pretty lady, she has got a beard!

 My eldest daughter claims chickens are as smart as - or even smarter - than dogs. Um, I'm not really sure I believe that to be true. But then again ...

This  little chick is actually pretty smart. Whenever she sees a spade she comes running, because spade means worms. Once she egerly jumped up and sat on the spade while I was digging, wanting to be the first to spot the worms.

But the best part must be the eggs. Because eggs means cake, right! But they are also a joy to look at, with their perfect shape and lovely subtle colours. My children can always tell which chick laid which egg. Truly! They all have just a slightly different size, shape and colour, and some have freckles too. It's good to know exactly who laid the boiled egg in your lunch box, you know.

And for the lovers of birch bark a couple of close ups of the birch bark basket. My maternal aunt made it, it's sewn with very fine roots from a spruce tree.

I like it so much I think I could eat it. But I won't!


  1. Just love that birch bark basket.

  2. Du må ikke spise den! Den er så smuk :-)
    Og jeg holder så meget af høns, så tak for at vise dine frem :-)

  3. Høns er enormt hyggelige. Også at snakke med :O)
    Og sikke en smuk kurv...

  4. We are thinking about getting chickens. I think the time has come!


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