Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring colours - green

I'm not really a sucker for chain letters, tv series, facebook and things like that. You know, where there's a danger of being lemming-ized. I'm afraid of being drawn into boring repititions and doing stuff I don't really feel like doing. Or worse, doing something that aren't like me.

Don't wanna make a big issue out of nothing, but that's just how i feel about it. Anyway, there's a kind of chain blogging going on at poppytalk - which actually started yesterday - but I fell asleep on the couch too exhausted to even think of blogging yesterday.

The last couple of weeks I've outside a lot. Don't wanna miss the yearly 'big bang', no. It's hard though, just turn your back to something for a minute, and it sprouts, blooms or unfold something.

But the colours! There aren't many, yet they make such a great impression. This time of year you can feel how the colours nourish and inspires your soul.

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  1. Those mosses! And that moth. I love the range of greens you've got here. Lovely, as always.


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