Monday, September 12, 2011


Strolling in my garden and in our small woods while the sun is setting, trying to ignore weeds needing to be removed and toys that ought to be put in their proper place. Enjoying the golden glow from the low sun beams and the way it makes everything look enchanted. Flowers and leaves seem to radiate with an inner light in these short moments.

 Gathering windfalls and picking a couple of flowers ...

Trying to capture a bit of their beauty to keep ...


  1. beautiful cloth mona. I have a piece of organic cotton that I want to natural dye and make into a spring dress. I know...thats a long way ahead but I find that I have to think of doing it before, long before, or I get wrapped up and miss the season.

  2. Jah, det var jo meg, da -ikke Ove :) Therese

  3. beautiful...what did you dye it withxx

  4. Thanks, Lynda! Um, I'm not quite sure about all of them. I think the purple prints is japanese cherry, the red-brown and dark green prints is prunus avium - the leaves were a bit decomposed, which clearly made a difference. And there were also some leaves from the bush in the third photo, don't remember what it's called, but it's easily recognised.Oh, and there was also the leaves from my favourite flower; Aquilegia. They're normally green, but in the autumn turns purplish.

  5. And it's actually plain unbleached cotton, pre mordated the 'India Flint' way. I'm surprised how well the cotton took up the dye ...


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