Thursday, August 25, 2011

some thoughts about being creative

Over the years, I've found that creating, being creative, is almost as essential to me as eating. Crafting, or even making some sort of art - the state of being in contact with the Source of Ideas. The process of letting the everyday thoughts drift a little away from you, getting into a state of just being present, sensing and feeling. Or letting your intuition meet with nature. I don't know how to explain it, but we've all been in that state at some point, I'm sure.
The process of crafting is where I try to build a bridge between this Source of Ideas and this world. Where I strive to make this thing - a water colour painting or a knitted scarf, it doesn't matter - but what matters is to make the 'idea' become real and palpable - to make the idea come alive.

The thing is, I often find it hard to find the time to make these 'creations' happen. A full time job, a half time study, three kids and a husband - not to mention sheep, cats, chickens, a dog and a big (overgrown) garden. Oh, and a very old house very much in need of maintenance and renovation. (Phew, how did all those things enter my life..). I'm not complaining, just trying to summon up, and I'm sure a lot of people have a much longer list than I do. So, how to make room for being creative, crafting, making stuff, wandering the paths of inspiration and joyful ideas. Well, thats just the thing, isn't it; there's no answer to that. No easy way of fixing it (unless one wants to get rid of all of the above mentioned people, animals and stuff - and I sure don't) - so I guess the solution (for me) is to make it flow just a little bit more into the everyday. Making room for it somehow - and being grateful when I succeed.

With this in mind, I've gifted myself a Hahnemühle sketch book. Perhaps a creative 'diary' can be a sort of channel for making the crafting time flow just a tad more in my direction.

Here is a couple of clutches I did manage to finish today. Even though it's a fairly simple project, it did take some time, but I'm happy with the result.

I used a pattern from the book Bend-The-Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. The fabric is natural dyed, reused linen, and the buttons I made from a branch of laburnum. The embroidery on the backsides are inspired by the buttons; laburnum seed pods - and leaves. A simple free hand, primitive sort of embroidery using this embroidery yarn.

Looks like the other clutch, but this one has a natural dyed lining, and I'm so in love with the greys achieved with natural dyes. They are somehow so much more 'alive' than greys from chemical dyes.


  1. Tak for det, Mona - lige hvad jeg ønskede at lese her til morgen :) Sikke et fantastisk maleri du viser et (alt for) lille stykke af. Og taskene blev fine, fine - jeg kan stadig fornemme, den blødhed der var i knapperne. Du er simpelthen blevet så dygtig, til det du gør... <3

  2. I love the clutches mona. and simple work is not really so simple. I know this is true!!!


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