Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn it is ...

... and I can feel the need for wool between my fingers (as well as covering most parts of my body - I prefer that wool to be knitted, though). This is an autumn wreath for our school, a bit of forest floor with a couple of mushrooms and gnomes. And Mother Nature in her autumn dress ...

Let me introduce you to these furry, silky cutesies, who are the newest additions to our household. Aren't they adorable? In a month I'll have to cut off all that soft, lovely fibres and make them look quite silly. They haven't got any names yet, so suggestions will be appreciated!


  1. Those bunnies are the sweetest little creatures. I know they will be well loved.
    I want to be the tiniest forest creature and live on your wreath, close to Mother Nature's skirts. It must have been such fun to make this.

  2. Du har en formidabel evne til at skabe og bringe naturens farver ind i dine kreationer. Det har sin helt egen varme og skønhed. Jeg bliver glad, hver eneste gang jeg ser hvad du laver :-)
    (og det kan godt være jeg gentager mig selv hver gang jeg kommenterer :O) men jeg synes det er så fint!)

  3. you are so clever , these are wonderful.. I love 'shrooms!!

    perfect sweet bunnies.. I'll love to see what you make with that beautiful fur/hair stuff! hehe hmmm.. 'Thimble' and 'spindle' ? haha

  4. Tusind tak and thank you so much! :)

  5. Beautiful Autumn wreath, and beautiful bunnies!! Very inspiring all the way around, as usual Mona ^_^


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