Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In the 11th hour

of the 1.11.11 I happend to see that the numbers on the visit counter was purely 1s
Remarkable! That must surely be a sign, right!

1 is a wondeful number - there's 1 Universe, 1 Earth, 1 spider in the web, 1 you and 1 me. That just about covers everything. But 1 is also for beginnings and starting afresh. So I'll start a little new something on the blog, a new series called 'For the Love of Wool'. Ta daa.

 In a month it's our 4 year anniversary living in our little country house. We had many reasons for wanting to leave the city for the country life, one of the most vital reasons was that we wanted animals (and lots of them) to be a part of our daily life. My dream was to have sheep, because I Love Wool!! I really do. It has a great impact on my imagination, it makes my fingers itch for creating, it makes me want to do so many things.

This scarf is a product of my dreams. I sheared one of my sheep, I washed the wool in rain water, and dyed it with roots from the soil - with the warmth from the sun. The wool was sitting in a jar in my garden for a month or so. Then I carded it and spun it on a drop spindle, and lastly knitted a scarf for one of my daughters.


It is all about process, the final result is a bi product. It's about connecting to nature in a loving, creative, caring and mindful way. And thereby connecting in the same way to yourself.


  1. Fortællingen om et sjal :-)
    En fortælling, jeg holder af at høre.

  2. ...coming full circle in such a joyful and fulfilling manner. The scarf is a wonder.

  3. 1000 tak for din kommentar paa min post. Alt er fint :) Mine foraeldre er paa besog fra DK i denne weekend. Rigtig hyggeligt.


  4. this is so lovely. there is something so nourishing and life enriching when we achieve these real things. i was wondering if you wouldnt mind sharing what roots you used to get such a divine colour?

  5. Thank you! I should have thought of that :) - it's madder root, cut and shredded into very small bits.

  6. Jeg sidder her og kikker på dine inlæg...opdager et jeg ikke har set.
    Uld-tørklædet har jeg dog set :) Dejligt!
    Håb...simpelthen håb og fryd...balsam for øjne og sjæl, er det at kikke dine inlæg igennem.

  7. Yes, wonderful work! I am spinning a lovely scarf now, home dye and I will knit after..but your reality is beautiful. That is exactly what I dream to do one day, at the moment no sheep here just horrible neighbour. : )


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