Wednesday, December 21, 2011

three more days

... of waiting, baking, making, nibbling, wrapping, decorating, reading, playing ...


 I've decided not to have a traditional yule tree this year. Instead we brought in some branches from a cut down tree and put them in a jug. Wrapped it all with some crochet pieces and laces, all of wich I inherited from my maternal grandmother. Decorated it with wool, straw, birch bark and all things natural. Mostly gifts from Nissen.

 We've added Peppermint Bark to our favourite seasonal sweets - as have most of the blogging world, I expect - and no wonder! But the cookies with orange rind and hazelnuts are exceptional too.


A gift in the making, but perhaps you can guess what it is ...

.:Wish you all a lovely, magical and peaceful yule:.


  1. Hvor er det smukt.
    Og befriende anderledes:-)
    Rigtig god jul.

  2. A lovely tree, season's greetings from New Zealand, Marie

  3. Kære Mona, også glædelig jul til dig! :-)

  4. Hvilket smukt træ. En rigtig glædelig jul til dig og dine!

  5. So lovely! Your images are always gorgeous. Thank you.


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