Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Towards brighter days

The world is still spinning, we're facing longer days and hopefully brighter too. We've spun directly into a new year and even though I feel this spinning is sometimes just a tad to the speedy side, it sure is wonderful to face yet another fresh year with lots of possibilities for growth and learning.

 I haven't really made any special new year resolutions, except that I wil strive to be a better person all together. Yup, just that.

With the serious part of this post accomplished, I thought I'd show you the latest doll from JardarMama. Sitting in a windowsill enjoying the sunrise, I think she looks like a girl from a russian fairy tale. She might be called Olga or Anastasiya.

Her hair is natural dyed mohair, the bonnet is natural dyed nuno felt, trousers natural dyed silk and the top is organic linen with a repurposed piece of embroidery.

.: May 2012 be a happy, healthy, creative and healing year for us all:.


  1. She is lovely, Mona. What a glorious sky.
    I am tucking your words to heart.
    Blessings to you and your family. Love, health, hope, peace and gentleness to us all in this new year. It has been a blessing to me to have met you this past year.

  2. Å Mona. Som altid de mest fantastiske billeder og ord, også i din fine header. Den lille russer er meget smuk som hun sidder der i solnedgangen.

    Rigtigt godt nytår til din smukke familie.


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