Friday, January 6, 2012


We had a minor celebration tonight, mostly to mark the ending of yule. And because we like cake. It's actually a kringle, sweet bread with a filling of yummy stuff like cinnamon, shredded coconut, brown sugar, butter and marzipan. I made it round and kind of sun-wheel like, I think somebody forgot to do the right rituals around solstice - it's getting darker every day! Really! Well, hope my kringle can make a little difference, I feel like being in 'Night on Earth' - the scene where Roberto Benigni as the taxi driver drives at night with his sunglasses on. But hey, thats actually funny, so I guess I shouldn't be so bummed out about the darkness... (wait a second, I'll just have to locate my sunglasses. Now, that's better!)
Well, in order to keep things simple, I just made it ... well, simple. Ha. One kringle and three candles, since I didn't have a 'proper' helligtrekonger candle.
I rolled three balls of clay, squeezed the candles into them and placed them on a piece of bark. That's simple, right?! Kiddoes made the kings of bees wax, the kings were on a very long journey and one of the kings were kinda cute so he got married. And he also got a white horse, I think they forgot he was probably already married. Aren't all kings? Anyway, gotta love those kings.
Where was I, oh yes - one kringle, three candles and two cups of coffee = party! (you might wanna notice the fancy sugar design on the coffee). There's a golden coin in the kringle, and the one who gets it are king for the night. We could't eat it all up and didn't find the coin. Well, there's breakfast to look forward to then, maybe I'll be the lucky one and become a king tomorrow. Fingers crossed. And happy epiphany to you all!


  1. Your kringle looks delicious and I love the story of the kings!

  2. Kringle.... Yum!!!! Jeg tror jeg bager en i morgen!


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