Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Buzzing Joy of Spring

There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that today was the first day of spring. There's no way to tell what sign(s) may reveal the big news, but this year, this very day, two things happend.

This tree silently popped a couple of days ago, but today it buzzed out loud. Vibrations of humming, busy deligh, perceptible whirled the air around the crown of the tree - and in this vortex spring was born again. 
I silently witnessed it all. Standing under the tree, in awe of the presence of this perfect being with numerous bodies, I felt the wonder of really sensing the bees. They were everywhere in the tree, and all around me, and for a while I felt as if I belonged with them.

Then I picked a few of the first violets ...


... and all was good. I wish you all a happy and blessed spring!

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  1. ahhh. It makes me exhale and relax a bit to think of the lovely delicate flowers that are about to bloom, and the quiet happiness that it brings. It has been a long rainy season where I live.


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