Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Domestic chores on hold

Sometimes a woman needs to quit the domestic chores for a while - and just sit down and read. And re-read. ... And knit ...
So that's just what I've been up to lately.

Reading and re-reading:

Barbara Kingsolver: 'The Bean Trees', 'Pigs in Heaven' and 'Prodigal Summer'

Priscilla Cogan: 'Winona's Web', 'Compass of the Heart' and 'Crack at Dusk, Crook of Dawn'

 ... and India Flint: 'Second Skin'

Knitting mittens on two sticks, I'll never go back to four! Free pattern here, including pattern for both two and four sticks (using my own natural dyed yarn; walnut and indigo for these).

And the Rikke Hat for me, using some vintage yarn I had lying around, just enough for the hat and a little mouse. Free pattern too - here !

It isn't a coincidence I've never posted a photo of myself here before. I have a strong aversion to being pictured, not really sure why. But here's a snap of a bit of me, in the sunset and all.

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