Monday, April 30, 2012

And a beautiful evening too

Oh, what a beautiful Morning
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got a beautiful feeling
Everything's goin' my way.
Oh, what a beautiful day!

You know, I actually did sing that song this very morning, sort of cruising around the garden. And it just kept comming, the beauty, right up till now where the darknes swept it all away. At least untill tomorrow.  Here's a few glimpses of it this evening. Well, minus the bird song, the humming of bees and the gentle breeze playing with the soft new leaves. And including the restrictions of my humble ability of seeing it and the cheap lens ...

See the angel in my coffee?

This is the beauty of a friendship in the making. Little S said 'Mama, I'm making a new friend. If I make her really like me - can I have her'? Sure, honey, you just go for it!

There's a line in the song saying:
All the sounds of the earth are like music
Ain't that just the plain truth?


  1. Beautiful flower pictures...:)

  2. "Oh what a beautiful day" you had, and recorded so well. Thanks for sharing :) Jane


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