Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Island Where I Live, Part II

I've been thinking of sharing some more pictures from our little island. The 'our' implies that it's mine too, which it isn't, not yet anyway. But I'm working on that. Getting to know it a bit more the other day, involved making lots of sandwiches, stuffing the car with dog, kids, water bottles, snacks, camera, a map and about 57 other necessary items for a trip like this. I had looked up a beach beforehand which looked interresting and aimed for that. But, ahem, sort of missed it. Then it became more of an adventure and we found a couple of nice beaches and had a long and lovely day.


I don't know exactely where the first beach was, but the second (the last pictures) is from a beach on one of the tiny 'droplets' beneath Fyn, called Thurø.


  1. Åh, det ser virkelig skjønt ut der. Dere finner nok stranden neste gang, men den ser virkelig ikke så dårlig ut den dere var på :)

  2. such lovely photos! glad to find your blog. :)


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