Monday, May 21, 2012

Catching Dreams

Dreamcatcher; magnolia leaf, embroidery yarn & feather.

A while back I received a parcel. It had travelled all the way from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, US, to my humble doorstep. That's quite a good way, you know. Ellen sent it, and it was an act of pure kindness and consideration. There was some wonderful magnolia leaves in it, as well as some other lovely, thoughtful gifts. An unexpected gift like that, from a person whom you have never met in real life,  from somebody that lives on the other side of Our Mother ... well, it inspires hopefulness. Hope for us Earthlings and hope for the future. It's amazing how a kind act can bring so much joy and inspiration.
My muse's been busy elsewhere lately (well, I don't know where she's been actually (or if she's been busy at all - I'm kind of guessing here) but she seems to have returned, tickling and teasing me when I'm working in the garden. How are you supposed to react? Hey, thanks! Let me just throw this spade away and let's get started? Or; Hey, thanks! - Let med just finish this and I'll be happy to oblige you. How about tonight? Hm?

If you haven't already, I really recommend listening to this, a talk about nurturing creativity:


  1. hi mona. really great photos! I am glad to hear your muse has returned from its walk about. I have seen the elizabeth gilbert talk but it is a good one to hear again. TED is amazing.

  2. Mona, your dream catchers are beautiful. But, it seems as if everything you create is filled with beauty.
    Thanks for the kind words.


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