Monday, June 11, 2012

With Fairie Ears

For the last few weeks we have hardly been able to take our eyes from these curly, velvety little creatures. I'd been waiting eagerly for the birth, checking constantly for signs so I wouldn't miss it. I so love births, and hoped that I could have a small part in this wonder, even if it was only as a bystander. But apparently Gaia wanted to give birth to her first babes all by herself, and waited patiently for us to leave. So that very evening the whole family went to a concert she gave birth to these little lovelies. Her timing was infallible, the moment we returned she had just given birth to the second lamb. It's amazing to watch how the maternal instincts awakens, the swift change where she becomes a mother for real. The first mildly wondering look in her eyes, how she jumps a bit surprised when they seek and nuzzle for the first sweet milk. But then Mother Nature works her charm and she knows exactly what to do. And she does it so well.

Our ewes are named after goddesses - and so Gaias daughter is named Idun, the goddess of youth, immortality and beauty.
I'm looking forward to shearing them in a few months, I'm expecting their fleece to be extraordinary.
- And no, when it comes to my sheep, I'm not suffering from any false modesty. At all.

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  1. Isn't it amazing? Such beauty in birth from such a humble creature who is so wise..wiser than we are.
    We used to have sheep, pigs and I had an adored Jersey milk cow.
    I remember as if it were yesterday going to check on the pregnant ewes on Christmas Eve. Dinner was over, other family gone home and there in our barn, the miracle of birth.
    I am always sad that we did not have a camera..too poor at the time, but the memories are etched in my mind and heart.
    I know that you will be an amazing shepherd of your flock.
    Love to you, Ellen.


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