Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer's over

... and I will slowly return to the everyday routines. Ever so slowly. Summer was too short - and less summer'y than I hoped for. But there certainly were some highlights - which I will share with you soon!
But for now, perhaps you'd like to take a little walk with me in my garden - around sunset, my favourite time of the day?

My Happy Japanese Indigo
Now I must knit something, goodnight and see you soon!


  1. How I have missed you and how much I love you.
    I do hope you feel the vibes from such a distance, dearest friend.
    xoxo, e.

  2. Dejligt med en slentre tur i din smukke have :)

  3. Mona my writing disappeared again! I am not kidding! So strange.

    As I was saying before it disappeared....thank you for the walk. So beautiful. Also, loving the indigo photo! :)


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