Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From Lady Luck to You

I was so fortunate to catch some luck bringing sights - and thought I'd be totally unselfish about it and share it with you. These were double rainbows - which bring luck - the outer one just didn't picture that well. But it's there! So here you are, just suck it all up:

 I had to take this from a distance, didn't want to scare them off. That white deer had a white mother as well - he was born in the nearby woods a couple of years ago and I spot him once in a while. Which makes me pretty lucky, I think.

I dipped some yarn in the pot at the end of the rainbow. You thought there should be gold in the pot?! Nope! No, there's natural rainbow dye in the pot at the end of the rainbow as a matter of fact. I knitted some pockets with some of the yarn. Pockets ready to fill with lucky finds ...


  1. Mona this might have published already. When I signed in my writing disappeared. Haha.

    I really like the colors of your yarn. Pretty. I have never seen a white deer. You are lucky!!

  2. Great luck! And, I think seeing white deer is extraordinary... I've heard several different prophecies of the native people here in the US about white wild creatures, that they bring luck, definitely, and are markers of important shifts. He's beatufiul.


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