Thursday, September 13, 2012

The No-Waste Scarf

When I was created – in the melting pot, you know, I think they used a outdated housewife mold from the 50ies or there about. Throwing things away, food, clothes - well anytning - is just something I cannot do. I guess it was also just the way of things when I grew up, 'no biggie' as they say nowadays; we didn't make a big deal out of it - just the ordinary life.

Lately I've realised it actually makes me quite modern. All that re-using, mending, composting, thrifting, homemade, 'stop the food waste' thinking that the western world is finally beginning to get the grip on, well, that's more or less everyday life here ...

No-Waste Scarf
 This scarf was made of something I actually was on the verge of throwing out. I found a bag with some wool I've dyed with madder root at some point, and then forgot about (or repressed). The thing is - the wool was short-stapled and not soft at all (like steele wool), and I wondered what I've been thinking about when I chose to dye it. Beats me. Not wanting to let the wool – and the water, soap, madder root, energy for heating it all up and time spent on it already go to waste, I decided to make something usefull from it. So I carded it with some angora and silk I had laying around, in order to make it softer and more skin-friendly, spun it chunky and softly on the drop spindle and knitted a very simple scarf-in-the-round. And I used every little bit of it up.

I'm sorry, but my stylist had the day off - and likewise the photographer, my hairbrush and mascara ... you get my point, right? - But my newly turned 8 year old was luckily available, and he did it all for free. Well, skipping the styling and make-up and went for the fun camera part - but for free! I know I've said it before - but there's just something very satisfying in using things up to the last thread - or making stuff from scratch, from materials that could have - but didn't - go to waste.


  1. I hear you! (I think I was in a similar pot...) lovely scarf btw

  2. Du besidder en dyrbar evne!
    Og du ser smuk ud uden brug af dyre hjælpemidler :)

  3. Jeg elsker din beskrivelse af dig selv og særligt i kombination med billedet: netop sådan stærk, smuk og tæt på jorden har jeg altid set dig.


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