Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The First Horse on Earth

I promised in an earlier post, that I would share the highlights of our summer. The ultimate highlight, the fulfillment of many heartfelt wishes from the girls came true: The story of Embla.

A lovely day in July we went to Mols Bjerge, filled with exitement and hopefulness. It's a beautiful area in Jutland/Jylland, a National Park, surrounded by sea. A landscape of soft hills, lakes, moor and forests, shaped by glaciers thousands of years ago.

We fell in love with the nature there ...

Herds of Icelandic horses everywhere ...

 Then we met Embla and five hearts began singing the same song ...

 She came to stay with us ... and the rest is, well; the future.

According to Nordic Mythology, Embla was the first woman on Earth, and our Embla is just as beautiful, sweet and wild as I picture our first foremother. Icelandic horses aren't like any other horse - like the soft hills they were shaped thousand of years ago - and they stayed that way untill now.  Icelandic horses come with a rich culture, a culture which will be a part of our family from now on.
A journey has begun.

You could have a look at this if you would like to see icelandic horses in their natural habitat.


  1. oh what a wonderful (beginning) tale! and a beautiful steed!

  2. What a wild and stunning horse! Reminds me of my friend's Norwegian Fjord, and the film trailer... I'm hooked!

    1. Yes, we have Fjord horses here too - they are bigger and more like working horses (dragging wood in the forrests). I think an icelandic horse would love to live with you! :)

  3. Lucky you!!!! The horse is lovely and I enjoyed hearing about the name and the mythology.


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