Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The non-fashionable work space

Messing around in the scullery – read: scullery/laundry room/storing room/dyeing room/work space/yadda yadda yadda – swinging big pots with various funny smelling liquids while trying not to stumble over rubberboots and dogs (well, dog, to be correct) I thought about how fun I think it is to see other peoples work spaces or studios. Mine is small and messy. Everything is going on in there, and it's dark and often quite dirty. But it's also (sort of) practical - and there's water and fire. What more does a woman need?

The yellow yarn is dyed with rejnfan/Tanacetum vulgare/Tansy, and the glass jars are filled with japanese indigo leaves, the blue dye being extracted into the water (looking promising). In a pot is a cat and in another pot some bundles with rose leaves and various flowers. In a smaller pot is a mixture of clay and some rusty nail soup. Had fun playing with that, recalling the utmost pleasure of playing in the sandbox at my grandma's some decades ago. Yesterday I went knocking on doors, asking for leaves to dye with. (Yes, I've got leaves on my own - but needed to have something new to play with). I was lucky and got what you see in the two vases. There's much more going on in there, but »That's All, Folks«, for tonight, at least.


  1. fantastic pics! mmmm soooooo inspiring!

  2. Jeg har bare valgt et tilfældigt indlæg at kommentere, fordi jeg ikke her på blogspot bare kan trykke "like" til dem allesammen! Du er supergod til at at tage billeder af dine projekter også. "at abonnere"

  3. I also love seeing glimpses of other people's work spaces. Your pictures are beautiful, so organic!

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