Friday, May 17, 2013

Giving birth an evening in May

Our dear sheep Gaia decided to give birth tonight, just when we were preparing supper. I was alert, because she'd been scraping in the grass a little earlier, and looking out of the kitchen window I could see a change in her movements. Her gait was somewhat stiff and strained, indicating she was in labour. I could also see a change in the shape of her lower body; the sacrum had lifted in order to make room for giving birth.
We all hurried - quietly - outside, and joined the horses in the pasture right beside the sheep pasture.

Gaia was walking about, panting softly, and didn't lie down until the birth was close at hand.

He went straight up and sucked, within a couple of minutes after being born. Even though I was watching at a distance, there's no doubt in my mind he had an Apgar Score of 10/10

It was amazing to see, how tender and caring she was toward her first born, even while she was giving birth to the second lamb. 

The other sheep didn't approach while she was in labour, but made very short visits right after each birth. Just a friendly and curious welcome, and then they considerately  went away again.

I don't really have words to describe how wonderful and touching an experience it was. As all births are. In all the smiles I thought I could read a feeling, of this being a perfect moment - in a beautiful world.
(You can see the pictures enlarged, by clicking one of them)


  1. Oh Mona, what a truly precious experience you shared with us ! Thank you ever so much ! Have a beautiful weekend. ox

  2. Can't help but have some tears, so beautiful!!! Congrats.

  3. Secondly, they are such gorgeous colours, what breed are they?

    1. Yes, lovely orange! It's gone now, though, since it was only feces, he, he. Often the second lamb is the one pooping, it must be a little stressful waiting your turn to be born. But this time it was the other way around. The second lamb was really bright white, he still is.
      They're mixed breeds; Gaia is a Wensleydale/Blue-faced Leicester mix, and their dad (Heimdal) is a Norweigan Spælsau ( It's so funny to 'make' your own wool! :)

  4. Beautiful : ) bought a great big smile to my face!
    The food in the previous post looks yummy too : )


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