Sunday, May 26, 2013

joys of spring

To own a bit of ground,
to scratch it with a hoe,
to plant seeds and
watch the renewal of life -
this is the commonest delight
of the race, the most
satisfactory thing a man can do.

- Charles Dudley Warner
Satisfactory indeed! Also just a bit stressing, if you get hopelessly behind of schedule. (Ahem)

But you know, we have these adorabilities to behold, they makes us laugh numerous times a day:

We're still discussing names for this little beauty -she'll be named either Vår or Freja ...


  1. Wonderfilled! I always loved watching the lambs when we had them...playing "king of the mountain" and just so thrilled to be alive. Such a gift to behold.

  2. Perfect! I'd love to have some sheep : ) There's something about lambs jumping around that can't help but bring a smile - you must be constantly grinning!


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