Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the small miracles of life

When unhappy, I tend not to talk about it much. There's absolutely nothing wrong about sharing bad feelings with friends,  blogging about it, or shouting it from a rooftop, but it doesn't really work for me. To be honest, I've been quite unhappy of late, having sadness, anger, disappointment and anxiety dominating my feelings and thoughts. Very exhausting and depressing, I've felt like a piece of clothing on the clothes-line, turned into a giant entanglement by the wind. So not pleasant. But life has it's way of pulling you back, into the flow, in which the overwhelming and utterly egocentric feelings seem to evaporate. Ever so slowly, the small miracles of life pushes you gently towards the realization; life is wonderful and beautiful - being angry or full of fear won't change that fact - only stand in the way so you don't see it.

One of these little miracles happened the other day, it needed at gentle pull from me - and gave me a gentle push in return. All births are moving, but this even more so; I've never seen a newborn lamb being so caring and tender towards her mother.

 Such a sweet old expression on a newborn face

And did you ever see an ear as soft and pretty looking as this?

»The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.«

Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth


  1. Oh me too Mona! I've felt pretty much constantly anxious and full of self doubt for the last few months, or so it feels like - absolutely fed up of feeling fed up!!! Yet when I stand back and actually look at my life from the outside it's pretty amazing, maybe the sunshine we've had in the last few weeks is helping my energy levels : ) and your beautiful lamb photos - lucky you : )
    Happy Spring Equinox : ) x

  2. !!! Wonderful !!!
    (and hugs to you)

  3. Åh sikke et underskønt påskelam... Ønsker dig mod og styrke på rejsen ud af tristhedens land... Foråret er på vej, og hver eneste solskinsdag er en velsignelse! ;-)
    KH Maria


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