Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hot jewelry

I love jewelry, but don't like wearing it much. It feels so impractical and uncomfortable and it gets in my way when I'm working. So. I've been wanting to try to make soft and warm - and well, more practical - jewelry for a long time. Using wool felt and yarn. Embroidery thread, vintage buttons, amber, sea shells, ... oh, just about all the small things I like to collect, things I have lying around in my house in little boxes and bowls. You know!

This is my first try - a necklace, or rather a collar.

Crocheted in the round with some handspun organic alpaca, a leftover from a scarf. Silvery stems in freehand embroidery and leaves of wool felt.

The back side closure is a couple of vintage buttons. It is such a soft and light feeling wearing this. And if not hot, it actually feels quite warm on the neck.

Not fancy and not elegant. Rather simple and primitive, but I like it a lot!

(- and this is item #8 of things I've made for myself)

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