Monday, January 18, 2010

Update: skirt & hat

I never got around to blog about more things I made for myself. So here's a little update. Ta daa: #6 aka thrifted hat spiced up with embroidery and application
& #7 linen skirt with ehm ... bieser - sorry, don't know the english term for that.

I thrifted this lovely old angora/wool hat, but felt kind of old wearing it (know what I mean?) so I had to do something. A little embroidery and a lot of tiny plant dyed felt leaves did the trick, I think.

Didn't use any pattern or anything, just picked up a needle and went ahead. The pic doesn't do it justice, I'm rather satisfied with it actually.

No less than three pics needed to show you this ultra simple skirt! I had some lovely brown linen fabric in my stash, which I probably bought for making pants for one of the children.

Cut on the bias, elastic in waist and finished with .. eh, bieser. I don't think I've made a skirt for myself since school! So stupid of me, this was so quick and easy - and fun too! I didn't even buy a pattern, just traced another skirt I liked.

I love my new skirt. I restrained from adding flower power pockets and other fancy stuff, I think I'd ruin the simple organic tree-like quality doing so. But there better be some more fabric in that stash for another skirt, so I can go crazy with my new bias tape maker thingy :)


  1. Hatten er bare sod og flot nederdel!!!

  2. Hold op, hvor er du blevet god til broderi! Og skørtet er meget flot - hva nu end en 'bias maker thingy' er...

  3. Ah, kom lige i tanker om at det hedder bias tape maker! - skråbåndsfoldertingest - på godt dansk :)

  4. Both your embroidery and your skirt are beautiful. You have a nice sense of embellishment; you add just enough without too much!

  5. Hatten er helt fantastisk og sjovt nok kan jeg lige se dig (som jeg aldrig har set) i den fine nederdel. Så smukt.

  6. The perfect touch for the hat. I really love it. Now to go thrifting and find a wool hat.

  7. Norj!!! Hvor er det smukt! Måske skulle jeg ruge mit overskydende blå garn til sådan en smuk hat - og en nederdel med bieser vil jeg også lave mig.

  8. Super skønne ting du har præsteret ;-)


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