Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Lovely Queen Winter

I was wondering why it is we only talk about King Winter. It seems to me the beauty of winter can't entirely be the doing of a masculine being.

Trees dressed in an abundance of tiny delicate white silvery pearls ...

Mystic glittering mist drifting about in intriguing ways, teasingly dancing between trees and over meadows ...

Paintings of dramatic feather like art on windows ...

... ice flowers ...

... and landscapes made of ice and crystal rocks where small people are caught in the ice and frozen to blue shadows ... (can you see them?)

And when I found this crown made of ice in the garden, I just knew I was right: there certainly is a Queen Winter.

I'm sure her beauty and loveliness is beyond my imagination, but nevertheless I had to try to make her image in wool and silk.

And make a little indoors winter landscape for her with silk and lots of crystals...

Can you feel the cold?

..............:Happy beautiful feminine winter!:...........


  1. Hvor er det bare helt eventyrligt smukt - både de udendørs og indendørs billeder! Et fantastisk univers, du kan skabe!

  2. Vakre bilder av stemningsfulle kongeligheter!

  3. Everything about this post is absolutely gorgeous! Your photos, sentiments and beautiful Queen Winter!!

  4. Beautiful post!
    And I totally agree with you - winter has to be a queen!


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